Executive Board and Executive Committee Members

We have organized an advisory board of influential gatekeepers in the Denver community. This group is spear-headed by Gallagher, one of the leading worldwide insurance brokers and consultants focused on the public, healthcare and nonprofit sectors (led by Nonprofit Practice Managing Director, Peter Persuittti) and two psychologists who are experts on adolescent risk (Dr. Steven Dranoff and Dr. James Garofallou).

The board also includes representatives from Kaiser Permanente, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Denver, Children’s Hospital, the Denver Public Schools, the Juvenile Justice System, the Native American Board, the Jewish Federation, the African Muslim community, Mental Health of Colorado, the Denver Public Health Department, and the U.S. Military. The Board, now numbering 23 major community organizations, will oversee all facets of this project and be the key distribution partners of the content and message.

An Adult’s GPS Executive Board

Our Executive Board member’s are:

Board Chair: Ms. Karen Silverman
Finance/Fundraising Chair: Mr. Christopher Turner
Board Secretary: Mr. James Hilliard (USAF, Retired)
Executive Director: Mrs. Wanda Williams

An Adult’s GPS Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee member’s are:

Dr. Steven Dranoff, Ph.D: Thought Leader
Dr. James Garafallou, Ph.D: Thought Leader
Mr. Peter Persuitti: Managing Director of Religious Practice for the World and Nonprofit Practice, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
Mrs. Wanda Williams: Executive Director
Mrs. Karen Silverman: Board Chair
Mr. Christopher Turner: Financial/Fundraising Chair
Mr. James Hilliard (USAF, Retired): Board Secretary
Mr. John Lathrop
Mr. Robert King: Kaiser Permanente
Ms. Maritza Valenzula: Denver Public Health

An Adult’s GPS Advisory Committee

Our Advisory Committee member’s are:
Ms. Brenda Kazin: Place Bridge Academy
Ms. Debbi Manning-Adams: Denver Public Schools
Mr. Samba Ndiaye: Denver Public Schools
Mr. Timothy Turley: Denver Public Schools
Ms. Kim Ortiz: Denver Public Schools
Ms. Rose McGuire: Native American Support Programs
Mr. Scott Harpin: UC Denver
Mr. Steve Kahl: Arthur J. Gallagher – Denver
Mr. Peter Cronan: Archdioese of Denver
Ms. Heidi Baskfield: Children’s Hospital – Colorado
Mr. David Mirsky: Children’s Hospital – Colorado
Mr. Jerry Bell: I Heart Media